What We Offer

Almost everyone has had to sit through an all-day (or multi-day) conference or event. You know the ones where they hand out a boxed lunch that usually consists of a meat and cheese sandwich paired with a mealy apple on the side, all while sitting under harsh florescent lighting. What is the one thing always missing from these events? Energy. Not to worry — we are here to help you spice things up. At E3, we consider ourselves pros in the corporate seminar world. We handle everything from coordinating with the on-site location team to planning fitness and wellness activities with your event manager. From yoga, to HIIT classes, strength training, relaxation or meditation, our goal is to help activate all of your event goers' bodies and minds.

Group Fitness

Teamwork makes the dream work, am I right? Offering your employees on-site group fitness will not only make them appreciate you further, but they will love the extra time they have at the end of the day, NOT having to rush from the office to their 5:15pm Soul Cycle class. We offer group training packages on a weekly and monthly basis. This is ideal if you already have an existing office fitness center, but at E3, we have the capability of bringing our equipment to any open space. Here is an idea for you: drop your boss the link to this page, cc your coworkers, and mention replacing the donuts every Thursday morning with a weekly fitness class!

Corporate Wellness

Hello, CEO, Director, or Tim (office party planner?) — let us help you activate your team and eliminate any stress or tension that may be getting in the way of being the productivity superstars we all know they truly are. Our corporate wellness programs were designed out of an abundance of feedback from world-class executives that care for their team’s overall health and wellness. E3 Fit provides in-office or off-site wellness programming to bring a stronger sense of commitment and satisfaction to the workplace.

How We Partner
Corporate Partnership

Partnering is simple. Schedule a meeting with one of our senior corporate advisors and we’ll run your team through our wellness survey to determine an overall rating. Our goal is to create an incentive that sets your company apart from others, while providing tools to help enhance the work/life balance. Watch out, new tech startups, your fancy new latte artist has nothing on us!

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Let’s schedule a quick call to review your goals and opportunities to increase your team's health and wellness. Don’t worry, you’ll be chatting with a real person who also hates sales pitches — let’s get straight to the point.