What We Offer
Personal Training

Whether you are looking to shed some weight, gain some muscle, or enhance your focus, energy, and confidence — you are in the right place. We are here to make you sweat and feel the burn, right in the comfort of your own home, apartment, or gym. If those locations do not work for you, no worries, you can schedule your session at any one of our certified training locations that works best for you.

We want to make one thing clear: our trainers are here to cheer you on, but also kick your ass. No feelings will be hurt if you tell us you are too sore the next day; we have all been there. Our goal is to provide the most intense 30-60 minute workout, specifically tailored to you and your pace. Our team is trained and certified to help you reach a whole new level of hustle.

Small Group Training

Ok, 2020 is well underway, so let us say goodbye to the nightly Netflix and wine binges. Grab a group of 2-6 friends and get in shape with us! Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly – whatever it may be, we will get you and your squad looking and feeling the best you ever have. No gym access? Not to worry, we can utilize any open space or even your backyard. We bring everything your small group will need to feel that burn we so promisingly deliver.

Where We Operate
Our Location Partners

E3 Fit partners with the best hotels, condos, and apartment buildings in the Minneapolis area. We also work closely with WeWork, Industrious, and other corporate offices to bring health and wellness to wherever you are.

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Training isn't just about losing weight or gaining muscle. It's about being your best self and setting clear goals, then achieving those goals. We'll help you get there.