Summer Strength and Conditioning

Do you have an athlete in your family in search of a program to stay active and prepare for the upcoming season in a safe environment?

Do you strive to grow as a total athlete, achieve optimum performance , or build commodore with your teammates?

If yes, then we have the perfect opportunity for you!

E3 Fit Fam
What is E3 Fit Fam Summer Program?

A summer program for middle school & high school athletes led by certified trainers & local coaches to help you and your teammates pursue your athletic goals in a safe, CDC approved small group setting. Our goal is to further your development as an athlete, mind and body, by top-notch coaching & training through a challenging summer program.

The 7 week program consists of 15 in-person training sessions led by our highly skilled and experienced training staff (guaranteed 1 trainer per 4 athletes or less for advanced coaching). Additionally, you're provide with a custom weekly at-home workout program tailored to continue your development at home.

Live sessions are held at a centrally located field to allow for proper social distancing/health guidelines. All equipment is brought on-site, sanitized and cleaned to CDC requirements. The in-person sessions are twice a week (normally T/TH but flexible upon group needs) and consist of many different variations of training styles; HIIT workouts, bodyweight calisthenics, weight lifting, on/off feet conditioning, speed training, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, strongman and sport specific training. Along with strength & conditioning development, the program also includes access to prehab work, minor yoga teachings, self massage instruction, stretching, proper body mechanics instruction and mindfulness practice.

Dates of Program

June 8th, 2020- August 2nd, 2020
- Custom sessions / events privately scheduled available, inquiries accepted via "Contact Us" form below

What's Included?
E3 Fit Fam Includes:

- 15 in-person, socially distanced, 1 hour workouts including access to equipment & weights brought onsite to replicate "In-gym" workouts (CDC required cleaning & disinfecting protocols)

- Expert guidance, certified trainers & coaches providing personal instruction during workouts & program creation. 1 coach for every 4 athletes giving ample one:one focus

- Weekly programming and structured challenges for at-home continuation & accountability

- Blender Bottle for protein shakes/recovery


$500 for the entire live & at home Summer Program
(15% family discounts available)

Workout Types

- Full Body weight training (we bring free weights and equipment onsite to simulate “in gym” workouts).
- Full Body HIIT style workout (High Intensity Interval Training, circuit style workouts meant to increase anaerobic endurance.)
- Full Body explosive movement workout (power based workout with a combination of Olympic lifting and strongman style exercises
- Upper body focused BW or free weights
- Lower body focused BW or free weights
- Sport specific focused strength workouts (ex. football = emphasis on hip explosion, speed and footwork, overall power, etc.)

Speed, Agility and Conditioning

- Sprint focused (Emphasis on proper running/ sprint mechanics, working to increase top end speed and holding top end speed for longer.)
- Agility focused (ladders, cone drills, hurdles, etc.)
- On feet conditioning (sprinting, shuttle runs, hill sprints, sled pulls, etc.)
- Off feet conditioning (bear crawls, up downs, getting up off the ground, - HIIT with weights/ medicine balls, etc.)

Prehab, Stretching and wellness

- Proper prehab instruction ( emphasis on athlete focused and sport specific exercises, developing a clear understanding of the importance of prehab and taking care of your body outside of training and competition for any athlete.)
- Minor yoga (basic yoga practice revolved around athlete centered movements, teaching how to wake up/ take care of the body in ways that often go under emphasized/appreciated in sports programs.)
- Stretching and self massage (proper stretching form instruction and instruction on self massage techniques such as foam rolling and lacrosse ball trigger point work.)
- Mindfulness (emphasizing the importance of training your mind just as much, if not more than, your body and giving tools to help further that training outside of the workouts together.)

Trainers & Coaches
Garrett Bender - Program Lead

Garrett combines a high level of knowledge and experience in the realm of sports and exercise obtained through 20+ years of playing sports from youth to professional.

Sports have always been at the center of Garrett's life. After his high school career, Garret attended St Cloud State on a full ride football scholarship, however after his 1st year, he made the difficult decision to leave football to pursue his passion, an opportunity to play for the USA Olympic Rugby Team. During his 5 year career with the USA team, Garrett was a part of the first USA rugby team to defeat New Zealand, Win a tournament on the HSBC 7s world series circuit, qualify for the Olympics in rugby 7s and participate in the 2016 Olympics in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil as part of Team USA.

After competing in the Olympics, Garrett hung up his cleats to focus on coaching. Over the past 4 years, Garrett's had the pleasure to head coach multiple men's and women's club teams in Minnesota, Assistant coaching the US Air Force rugby program, lead several youth rugby clinics, helping with multiple middle and high school programs throughout the country. Also, Garrett earned his Massage Therapist certification and now works as the Head of Massage at E3 Fit, sharing his experience in prehab/rehab, mindfulness, recovery and advancing overall health & wellness.

Drew Saemrow - Head of Personal Training Jake Del Pino

Jake has been in the health and wellness business
over 15 years in addition to being a Collegiate athlete. You can find Jake at multiple locations around the twins cities either training students K-12 at his non-profit “Reaching Up,” or working with the Rosemount Irish football team as a coach and trainer.

Whether personal training or leading a group fitness classes with upward to 40 members, Jake loves all different types of training from stability to H.I.I.T. while being sure to help athletes master technique and form.

Over the years Jake has been blessed with learning how to train the mind and self-esteem as well as the body. To Jake it is important that his clients know and understand their "why" meaning their purpose for working hard towards their goal. Once that is realized everything will come into play.

Jakes number one goal as a coach is to leave your tank overflowing with abundance on all levels. While having you feel confident knowing that you will become a bigger, stronger, and faster athlete.

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