Engage your Teams through wellness
Virtual Teambuilding – Cultivate Connection and Engagement

Everyone loves a virtual happy hour from time to time… well let’s be honest, we are all starting to get a little weary of them.

Picture something different… it’s a Tuesday, mid-day and each member of your team gets a custom package shipped to their door called a “connection kit”. Each one is a little different – from yoga blocks to essential oils… from stretch bands for resistance to spices for healthy eating on the go – something tangible that ties into the next day’s team building event. The anticipation builds – “what are we all in for…” and a little buzz starts to find its way into team chat sessions.

The next day members log on to a virtual session and are invited to join a live team yoga class, or a healthy eating from home seminar or a morning high intensity workout. It’s a hit. All through the day team members comment on the amazing experience… and the true sense of belonging that is so elusive in these times feels a little closer.

And all this for less than the cost of a team dinner out on the town after a great win (wouldn’t that be nice to do again soon too!)

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Build Simple Wellness Options Into Team Culture

One time teambuilding events are amazing ways to create connection in these times of dispersed working environments, but let’s face it, this isn’t enough. Partner with E3 Fit to create a custom ongoing wellness program to build points of connection and engagement around wellness throughout the week, month and year. Mix up your options to create a program that fits with your culture and your needs the best. Options are endless, our providers offer guided meditation, resiliency training, workouts for every level, yoga, nutrition, sleep coaching, creativity and innovation sessions, fun competitions, and so much more. And if we haven’t done something before, chances are we have a provider who can bring it to life. Team’s thrive with connection and it’s more critical than ever to make it a routine.

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Ignite virtual events
Increase Satisfaction and Engagement at Events

Whether you are doing an annual planning event for 20 or a Client User Conference for 8000, virtual and virtual hybrid events present new opportunities and new challenges like many have never seen before. We are all learning far too well how challenging it can be to sit at our desks for hours on end on video call after video call. Virtual fatigue is real.

Yet virtual events are here to stay in some form and there are so many great ways to make them better than participants could ever imagine. Start with Wellness programming. Your participants are going to need a break and while they have probably gotten really comfortable with the walk between their home office and the kitchen or the living room (or even the backyard if they are lucky), why not give them the option to take a guided meditation break for 10 minutes; or have a chef and nutritionist guide them through preparing a healthy snack option before the afternoon’s sessions; what about chair yoga or a creativity mindset session. Then, start the day with an optional group fitness class and end the day with optional yoga or guided meditation to close the day with intention.

There is no one size fits all, that’s why E3 Fit is the ideal wellness partner for your next event. You are putting a lot of time and energy into getting it just right, let us help.

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